We enable competitive pricing compared to Developer-as-a-Service business in the DACH region or Eastern Europe and a fair local pay at the same time.

Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Through Managed Services

01. Availability

Code of Africa provides convenient access to East African hidden tech talents.

02. Adaptability

We enable comprehensive software development projects from a few hours a month to entire project teams.

03. Affordability

We offer internationally competitive rates with the advantage of the contracting party based in Germany.

Our Developer-as-a-Service Offering

Generating positive social and economic impacts while accelerating these through a profit motive.


Solving IT Talent Shortage

Making the tech talent hub East Africa available to the
demand market in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Deliver Compelling Financial Benefits

A model that enables competitive pricing compared to IT outsourcing to the DACH region or Eastern Europe and a fair local pay at the same time.


Doing Good

Creating sustainable employment in East Africa. Contributing to overall sustainable
development & CSR. Unleashing African creativity and potential. Contributing to a more positive perception of (East-) Africa in Europe.


Contributing To Local Development

Up skilling East African graduates by setting up an on-site training and mentoring program.


Creating Employment & Income

Building local employment options in East Africa for qualified professionals. Generating more income & local spending power.


Widening Knowledge Base

Developers get exposed to industry standards of the DACH region yet remain in East Africa. Creating a basis for sustainable development through remote working.

understanding of

It outsourcing

managed delivery processes

We compete on quality - so for Code of Africa it is natural to spend time to understand our client's requirements & to identify the right resource(s) to deliver.

We project-manage towards specific quality goals, then have a participatory work planning approach - ensuring the best possible result.

local partnerships

To create a sustainable pool of Software Developers we do not stop with creating a physical location in Kigali that meets modern work environment standards. In order to offer a broad service portfolio we team up with tech companies from Rwanda and Kenya alike.

We are aiming to build the CoA CIRCLE with responsible and caring people that we can trust - always creating & growing!

Human Centered Design

We blend our knowledge and skill across disciplines in an effort to both teach and learn from ourselves, our clients, partner companies and the greater community.

We focus on fair pay and meaningful incentives to support the growing community of software engineers and designers in East Africa which we are proud to be a part of. Everything we do for our clients contributes to something greater.

cultural proximity

With our genuinely positive-thinking attitude and a passion to learn and grow we continue to do great things together. We spark a great sense of camaraderie along the way.

The drive and skills of the developers bring about high quality and efficiency to diverse IT tasks. But besides all work, we never forget to entertain and make others smile.

remote & agile working approach

We are a geographically diverse team that collaborates. We make our Developer-as-a-Service set-up beneficial for everyone and provide unparalleled freedom to work in a way that’s most productive for each party - and avoiding 'talent drain' at once.

The time proximity between East Africa and the DACH region enables an easy-going distributed team solution - providing all means to satisfy agile project management lovers.

Solving Your Digital Challenges By

Developing Software &
Developing Mobile &
Web Applications
Big Data
Cloud Infrastructure
Acting As Your
Extended Workbench

Our beats for building a business bridge between tech talents in East Africa and Europe by contributing to job creation, education and a positive perception of Africa in Europe.​

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